Wednesday, June 30, 2021

The Martyrs

They loved not their lives unto death,
Unlike mythology's smitten Greek;
Like the righteous sons of holy Seth,
God's law a lamp unto their feet.

Fed to the mouths of lions,
Burned at the stake;
Pierced with rods of iron,
Though their spirit did not break.

They did not fear the hottest flame,
Nor the threats of evil men;
Meditating on that sweetest name,
Their faith a precious gem.

Like the Holy Forty on the ice,
And Constantinople taken by the Turks;
The ungodly came with gifts to entice,
Yet nothing moved their good faith and works.

As gold is tried in the fire,
Seven times tested and purified;
Living their lives above the mire,
Guided by a candle they did not hide.

Taken from this life of vanity,
Now they pray for our protection;
They overcame fallen humanity,
By hoping for a better resurrection.

Life and Death

As the ladder stretches to the highest height,
Only in His light shall we see light;
To win this fight we will need his might,
Though He is out of sight we must do what's right.

Heaven is His throne,
The Earth His footstool;
To soften the hearts of stone,
And to make wise the mind of the fool.

Man was formed from the ground on the sixth day,
The Lord brain stormed on the waters around;
To unite spirit with clay.

Into the nostrils of man God did breathe,
From the side of Adam came forth Eve;
For breaking the fruit from Paradise forced to leave,
God clothing them with skins for shame to relieve.

Jealousy over the righteous acts of another,
Drove Cain to rise up and slay his brother;
The cries of Abel’s blood he could not smother,
Lamination in the heart of their mother.

The Lord gives and the Lord takes away,
As man's life is but a day;
His flower blooms then withers and fades,
All man can do is hope and pray.

Men and Women

Men and women,
Not too far apart;
Men and women,
Both have a heart.

Men and women,
Each have to work;
Men and women,
Can't help but to flirt.

Men and women,
See life in a different way;
Men and women,
With each other's mind tend to play.

Men and women,
Loving, hating, healing, and sinning;
Men and women,
It's been this way since the beginning.

Men and women,
Created for love and procreation;
Men and women,
Uniting to continue creation.

Men and women,
Together as husband and wife;
Men and women,
Two people becoming one life.

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Time and Judgment

A window was opened in heaven,
For the space of half an hour;
A maiden mixed in her leaven,
Until it was kneaded throughout the flour.

The guests were invited,
The mansions were prepared;
The wages of work were decided,
The names in the book were declared.

The hearts of men being weighed,
In the balance of life and death;
God's mercy to the ones who prayed,
While the wicked took their final breath.

The poor, the blind,
The sick and the broken;
A meal for the mind,
A word well spoken.

The window began to close,
For time was gliding on;
The last to make their repose,
Sang the words of Moses’ song.

Queen Judgment gave her final warning,
Cutting so deep, time was sent to mend;
Then night changed to a bright morning,
And the beginning turned into the end.

The Night Watchman

I've been the son of perdition,
And the son of righteousness;
I've found myself in a condition,
Where I can find no rest.

I've walked in palaces of gold,
Where incense burns and candles are aflame;
Listening to the words of old,
Then to the chalice for which I came.

The ancient ways are gone,
And the sheep have gone astray;
I wait for the final song,
On which the trumpet the angel plays.

One woe is passed, and yet another has come,
How long will we last till the Kingdom comes?

Waking up from the past,
To live in the now,
An image is cast;
How many will bow?

The Earth renewed and the heavens rebuilt,
So will God's spirit through the universe be filled;
From swords to plowshares will the earth be tilled,
Prophecies and promises forever fulfilled.

The Desert of Unbelief

A barren wasteland,
With no oasis;
Mountains of sand,
In deserted places…

No water just wind,
Heat from the sun;
No friend or kin,
The mind comes undone.

Walking for days,
With no hope in sight;
Yet for the man who prays,
Everything is alright.

But the man's lip is tight,
For praise to his creator;
Thus the devil takes a bite,
And the man falls into a crater.

Desperately he tries to leave,
These godforsaken lands;
Time to strengthen the feeble knees,
And take life back into his hands.

Then a good shepherd appears,
And sees his face all full of grief;
So gently he wipes away the tears,
And says, “You're in the desert of unbelief.”

Monday, June 28, 2021

Orphans and Widows

I know of a secret place,
That lies across the ocean;
And it has no spot or trace,
Of the worlds intoxicating potion.

I visit orphans and widows,
And try to ease their pain;
We walk through grassy meadows,
And dance in the pouring rain.

A young boy lost his mother,
An old woman lost her man;
So I try to be a brother,
And do the best I can.

We sit and share a humble meal,
On our way to the citadel above;
Praying for our wounds to heal,
Gliding on the wings of a dove.

Like pilgrims on their way home,
Tired and heavy laden;
We look up and see the golden dome,
Rejoicing to find the hidden haven.

We confess and lay down our cares,
At the feet of the Holy King;
Then within our heart love flairs,
And once again our souls can sing.

Friends and Enemies

To the one I gave my bread and wine,
The same has become my foe;
Of the many sessions of overtime,
From a spire fallen to an all-time low.

Metal sharpens metal,
And like a razor when it's whet;
While waiting for the dust to settle,
The devil makes a bet.

One man is getting better,
One man is getting worse;
One reaps a blessing of fair weather,
While another sows a curse.

He who was my best friend,
Is now my worst enemy;
The one whose case I used to defend,
Is now in a file of infamy.

I must have done something wrong,
To cause him not to stay;
So it is to him I sing this song,
For it was me who drove him away.

A Garment Of White

A garment of white,
To wear this is my dream;
A garment of light,
With no corner, edge or seam.

A thin and ethereal sheet,
Which comes down from above;
A robe stretching to my feet,
A fabric sewn in love.

As finely tailored suits,
Hanging in the wardrobe of my heart;
Like a tree whose strength is in his roots,
That no force can pull apart.

The tapestry of Zion,
Bleached in Heaven's uncreated bliss;
The glorious mane of the lion,
Protected from the serpent's subtle hiss.

A cloth of alabaster,
Renewed each day it's worn;
From it blessings come the faster,
As a harvest of golden corn.

Smoother than all of China's silk,
Traveling across the ancient path;
As comforting as mother's milk,
More cleansing than a bath.

The Fugitive

Without a spouse, Yet acquainted with sin; He burned down his house, Only to inherit the wind.   A friend of the devil, And an enemy of G...