Monday, June 28, 2021

A Garment Of White

A garment of white,
To wear this is my dream;
A garment of light,
With no corner, edge or seam.

A thin and ethereal sheet,
Which comes down from above;
A robe stretching to my feet,
A fabric sewn in love.

As finely tailored suits,
Hanging in the wardrobe of my heart;
Like a tree whose strength is in his roots,
That no force can pull apart.

The tapestry of Zion,
Bleached in Heaven's uncreated bliss;
The glorious mane of the lion,
Protected from the serpent's subtle hiss.

A cloth of alabaster,
Renewed each day it's worn;
From it blessings come the faster,
As a harvest of golden corn.

Smoother than all of China's silk,
Traveling across the ancient path;
As comforting as mother's milk,
More cleansing than a bath.

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