Monday, June 28, 2021

Orphans and Widows

I know of a secret place,
That lies across the ocean;
And it has no spot or trace,
Of the worlds intoxicating potion.

I visit orphans and widows,
And try to ease their pain;
We walk through grassy meadows,
And dance in the pouring rain.

A young boy lost his mother,
An old woman lost her man;
So I try to be a brother,
And do the best I can.

We sit and share a humble meal,
On our way to the citadel above;
Praying for our wounds to heal,
Gliding on the wings of a dove.

Like pilgrims on their way home,
Tired and heavy laden;
We look up and see the golden dome,
Rejoicing to find the hidden haven.

We confess and lay down our cares,
At the feet of the Holy King;
Then within our heart love flairs,
And once again our souls can sing.

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