Tuesday, June 29, 2021

The Desert of Unbelief

A barren wasteland,
With no oasis;
Mountains of sand,
In deserted places…

No water just wind,
Heat from the sun;
No friend or kin,
The mind comes undone.

Walking for days,
With no hope in sight;
Yet for the man who prays,
Everything is alright.

But the man's lip is tight,
For praise to his creator;
Thus the devil takes a bite,
And the man falls into a crater.

Desperately he tries to leave,
These godforsaken lands;
Time to strengthen the feeble knees,
And take life back into his hands.

Then a good shepherd appears,
And sees his face all full of grief;
So gently he wipes away the tears,
And says, “You're in the desert of unbelief.”

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