Wednesday, June 30, 2021

The Martyrs

They loved not their lives unto death,
Unlike mythology's smitten Greek;
Like the righteous sons of holy Seth,
God's law a lamp unto their feet.

Fed to the mouths of lions,
Burned at the stake;
Pierced with rods of iron,
Though their spirit did not break.

They did not fear the hottest flame,
Nor the threats of evil men;
Meditating on that sweetest name,
Their faith a precious gem.

Like the Holy Forty on the ice,
And Constantinople taken by the Turks;
The ungodly came with gifts to entice,
Yet nothing moved their good faith and works.

As gold is tried in the fire,
Seven times tested and purified;
Living their lives above the mire,
Guided by a candle they did not hide.

Taken from this life of vanity,
Now they pray for our protection;
They overcame fallen humanity,
By hoping for a better resurrection.

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