Tuesday, June 29, 2021

The Night Watchman

I've been the son of perdition,
And the son of righteousness;
I've found myself in a condition,
Where I can find no rest.

I've walked in palaces of gold,
Where incense burns and candles are aflame;
Listening to the words of old,
Then to the chalice for which I came.

The ancient ways are gone,
And the sheep have gone astray;
I wait for the final song,
On which the trumpet the angel plays.

One woe is passed, and yet another has come,
How long will we last till the Kingdom comes?

Waking up from the past,
To live in the now,
An image is cast;
How many will bow?

The Earth renewed and the heavens rebuilt,
So will God's spirit through the universe be filled;
From swords to plowshares will the earth be tilled,
Prophecies and promises forever fulfilled.

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