Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Time and Judgment

A window was opened in heaven,
For the space of half an hour;
A maiden mixed in her leaven,
Until it was kneaded throughout the flour.

The guests were invited,
The mansions were prepared;
The wages of work were decided,
The names in the book were declared.

The hearts of men being weighed,
In the balance of life and death;
God's mercy to the ones who prayed,
While the wicked took their final breath.

The poor, the blind,
The sick and the broken;
A meal for the mind,
A word well spoken.

The window began to close,
For time was gliding on;
The last to make their repose,
Sang the words of Moses’ song.

Queen Judgment gave her final warning,
Cutting so deep, time was sent to mend;
Then night changed to a bright morning,
And the beginning turned into the end.

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