Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Approaching Full Moon

I have strange dreams,
From time to time.
Don't know what they mean,
They just play with my mind.

I stood in silence,
In the crowded noisy street.
I shook the hand of her highness,
But I refused to kiss her feet.

I was a young fool in the morning,
Sitting all alone in the dark.
I'll endure the sea a roaring,
Until the day the waters part.

Now I've climbed to the mountain top,
And I've seen the promised land.
On this journey I have no time to stop,
As I plow the earth with my hand.

Now the sweat of my face,
Waters the bread that I eat.
I used to keep a fast pace,
Until my heart skipped a beat.

I flew up in the sky,
Then I came crashing down.
Still don't know why,
I didn't make any sound.

It was a thorn in my side,
That still bleeds today.
Got washed up in the tide,
Now there's a price to pay.

All my silver and gold,
It sank down in the deep.
Now my hands I fold,
As I lay me down to sleep.

All my black hairs,
Have turned to white.
But inside a spark flairs,
So I can see at night.

I stopped asking why,
A long time ago.
Impossible to cry,
After you've sunk so low.

Now I see the faintest glimmer,
Of the morning's glow.
Though I be a sinner,
Yet the Lord do I know.

My compass was broken,
But I remembered the way.
The words that were spoken,
Convinced me to stay.

Approaching full moon,
As I survey my life.
Never coming too soon,
As I shake off all strife.

Now I can rest,
As I have come home.
My broken heart is now blessed,
Nowhere else shall I roam.

Friday, July 23, 2021

Do I love you Jesus?

Do I love you Jesus?
I think I am for sure.
Yes I love you Jesus;
Even though I'm still impure.

Do I love you Jesus?
I think you can tell.
Yes I love you Jesus;
Even though from grace I fell.

Do I love you Jesus?
For without you I'm at a loss.
Yes I love you Jesus;
Even though I complain about my cross.

Do I love you Jesus?
Or maybe I'm just a liar.
Yes I love you Jesus;
Because you are my soul's desire.

Do I love you Jesus?
Or maybe I love another.
Yes I love you Jesus;
Even more than my mother.

Do I love you Jesus?
I think its clear to see.
Yes I love you Jesus;
Because you first loved me.

Monday, July 19, 2021

People of the Soil

Blessed be the poor,
The people of the soil;
One thing is for sure,
With their hands they toil.

By the sweat of their face,
Do they eat their bread;
Not worried about the race,
Of trying to stay ahead.

Husband and wife,
Sister and brother;
They know in life,
We must love one another.

Having no treasure on earth,
Where rust will destroy;
Knowing life's worth,
God's spirit they enjoy.

They labor all day,
But their sleep is sweet;
Not forgetting to pray,
Casting their cares at Christ's feet.

Not possessing much education,
Nor a college degree;
Yet they have divine inspiration,
Given to them for free.

Thursday, July 15, 2021


The treasures of my mind,
Memories spanning years;
Walking the paths of time,
And collecting souvenirs.

A trail in the thicket,
And a road to the mountain;
A suitcase and a ticket,
And a wish tossed in the fountain.

The train whistle blew,
And quickly I ran aboard;
However, no one knew,
That all the while I sought the Lord.

Keeping the memory of His voice,
Stored securely in a jar;
For this I had no choice,
But to travel wide and far.

Farther down I lost direction,
But found guidance from an Elder;
He gave a heavenly reception,
And provided food and shelter.

Now its been many a season,
And the souvenirs stand to tell;
Of how a man drinks of reason,
From the depths of a living well.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The Wild Boy

Many tried to tame the wild boy,
But he did not fall into their trap;
He was smart enough to spot the decoy,
And he could read the targets on the map.

A boss lady in the classroom,
And a principal with a paddle;
Detention became his doom,
Over a goodie-two shoes tattle.

Didn't they take stock,
And see he was in pain?
The line he had to walk,
Put his heart into a strain.

No one came to his defense,
And he had no attorney;
This made things more intense,
Walking alone upon his journey.

Word traveled fast,
"Watch out he makes trouble!"
In academia he was last;
But in wisdom he had double.

Much good came from his trial,
Something special and sublime;
For inflicting injustice to a child,
Causes an adult to be refined.

Monday, July 12, 2021

The Dragon

A spirit of fiery flame,
Fell from a high level;
He would never be the same,
Thus Lucifer became the Devil.

After him many followed,
And in Heaven there was a fight;
They blasphemed what God had hallowed,
But darkness couldn't conquer light.

Descending down like lightning,
The devil and his legions;
What was pretty now is frightening,
What were angels now are demons.

The father of deception,
And a murderer from the start;
Bringing sin into conception,
And sowing tares in man's heart.

Just after Jesus' last meal,
Satan entered the heart of Judas;
History's repetition given a seal,
As Julius Caesar was betrayed by Brutus.

But in God's Kingdom there is no evil,
And in this we have no doubt;
The deliverance of God's people,
For the dragon has been cast out.

The Spirit of the Age

The conspirators killed the King,
And fooled the people with lies;
No musician was able to sing,
And the jester was filled with sighs.

God's good people were moving,
While evil men were plotting;
The righteous' words were soothing,
While the wicked's flesh was rotting.

Young men gave their life,
Old women gave their pension;
The nation was given strife,
And families locked in detention.

Hypocrisy was in public view,
But things just stayed the same;
Evidence of the devil's crew,
For they had no remorse or shame.

Shedding our innocent's blood,
And choosing their best liar;
The first judgment was in a flood,
The second will be in fire.

The spirit of the age,
A perilous life we live;
To lock the Lion in a cage,
A sin we shall never forgive.

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Souls in the Wind

This may sound redundant,
But why did the wind stop blowing?
The seeds were abundant,
But only a few were sowing.

No dew nor rain,
And the earth dried up;
Rich and poor felt the pain,
But there was an Everlasting Cup.

A church on the hill,
The haven for a little flock;
There they sought God's will,
And built their souls upon a rock.

The penitent walked in,
With their faces towards the ground;
Humbly they confessed their sin,
Then rejoiced over the love they found.

Many years passed by,
And many came in and out;
A young man gave a sigh,
As he saw what life is all about.

How did they ever find,
That monastery in the hills?
They would have if they were blind,
For the wind bloweth where it wills.

The Poet Journeys

Through the people's misinterpretation,
The poet packed his bags;
He cashed in his inspiration,
And traded high society for rags.

Temptation and desire,
Made an appearance at his door;
So-called friends fueled the fire,
But he rejected Babylon's Whore.

Princes at the mill,
And cowards at the alter;
The greedy took their fill,
But the poet did not falter.

Trial after trial,
And sentence after sentence;
As a convict of guile,
The poet started his repentance.

Many heard his confession,
And quite a few were moved;
This gave him much concession,
And thus his faith was proved.

He made peace with all his enemies,
Though many still misunderstood;
But its been this way for centuries,
Thus the poet overcame evil with good.

Wednesday, July 7, 2021


From the water he was drawn,
By the hand of Pharaoh's daughter;
As the Nile glittered in Egypt's dawn,
He was saved from the Hebrew slaughter.

Later skilled in all the Egyptian arts,
He grew mighty in word and deed;
Acquainted in numbers, letters and charts,
On knowledge his mind did feed.

A prince and heir to the throne,
Was his life and portion;
But when he became fully grown,
His eyes glanced at the land of Goshen.

Love for his brethren filled his days,
Then defying all human will and reason;
He chose to suffer with the slaves,
Than to enjoy the pleasure of sin for a season.

On his leadership depending,
He interceded for their very life;
While brother and sister contending,
Over Moses' Ethiopian wife.

He led God's people to their emancipation,
Then his holy life came to an end;
Never asking for a cross or consolation,
For Moses was the meekest of men.

Oh Strong Willed Son

Oh strong willed son,
How many steps have you taken?
How long ago you begun;
How sure you weren't mistaken.

You traveled down many a path,
And stopped at many homes along the way;
You tasted God's love and His wrath,
But for a time you were led astray.

Was it gold that you sought?
Was it a woman you desired?
All the battles that you fought,
Made your soul sick and tired.

Now twilight is dawning,
And the day is far spent;
You didn't answer your calling,
And now your heart is for rent.

Sleep now dear brother,
And your strength will return…
Take this advice from another,
And in time you will learn.

You see, God has a plan for you,
And this is for certain;
For there is plenty of work to do,
Before you reach your final curtain.

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

A Look Around

The façade is a cover,
Inside is the Book;
There is magic to discover,
If you would just take a look.

The circle is full,
Yet unclear to some;
Wise, then a fool,
And back to square one.

To the man on the street,
To the woman in my bed;
The babies at my feet,
And the thoughts in my head.

When looking all around,
We cannot see ourselves;
Our minds were once sound,
Now our charts are on shelves.

The air is getting hot,
While many hearts grow cold;
Today our goods are bought,
Tomorrow our lives are sold.

As compassion heals the heart,
Anger poisons the mind;
Friendship is a good place to start,
For love is a rare and treasured find.

Journey Well Maria

Journey well, Maria,
To your casa in the valley;
Hurry, sweet Señorita,
For there is no time to dilly-dally.

Walk quickly down the path,
The one you know so well;
Comforted with Moses’ staff,
To cast off the evil spell.

Keep walking my Dear Lady,
Walk swiftly through the trees;
For the forest grows dark and shady,
And whispers are carried in the breeze.

Be careful not to dash a foot,
On the rocks, the stones, and pebbles;
For evening falls as black as soot,
And out come the rogues and rebels.

Study Orion’s great constellation,
To guide you safely on the trail;
The moonlight is for you emancipation,
Your faith in God will never fail.

Lift up your head, O Maiden and Eastern gate,
Look up O Ancient and Holy Door;
Your prayers cleaning the sinner’s slate,
O Virgin Queen thou art blessed for evermore.

Monday, July 5, 2021


Remembering my early youth,
Bringing joy to my mind;
Like the day I lost my first tooth,
And when the bus left me behind.

Getting into fights,
Only to become best friends;
Staying up on summer nights,
Then our vacation ends.

Elementary school and Junior high,
Then on to college and careers;
How quickly the time does fly,
Laughing and shedding tears.

Climbing trees and kicking stones,
Building castles in the sand;
Eating candies and ice cream cones,
Oh how childhood is far from bland.

Playing games and running wild,
All a part of The Master’s plan;
The grace and innocence of a child,
Then the boy becomes a man.

Looking back on my younger days,
I can’t help but to reminisce;
Reflection shaping me in so many ways,
A time and place I will always miss.


How did I get here,
Where am I going?
Why do I have this fear,
Of living but never knowing?

Can I get back up,
Can I make it on my own?
Am I able to drink this cup,
Am I destined to live life all alone?

Can I make it back,
Can I come in from the cold?
Do my sails need a little slack,
Should I be more bold?

What shall I do,
What shall I say?
What is waiting for me,
What should I pray?

Oh God, come and save me;
Oh Holy Mary, come to my aid,
Oh Angels, make this life less scary;
Oh Jesus Christ, let my heart not be afraid.

Friday, July 2, 2021

The Fields of Righteousness

The Fields of Righteousness,
Plowed with a hand that turns not back;
A higher plain of consciousness,
And a harvest of understanding it does not lack.

The rains fell in the spring,
The sun shown in summer;
All day long the workers sing,
For the diligent seldom slumber.

Grapes for wine,
Olives for oil;
If we take our time,
Patience won't spoil.

The earth was tilled and watered,
And in the soil a seed was sown;
Yet in its branches no fruit was offered,
For the tree had not fully grown.

Time and times and half a time,
Then a few buds were seen;
As God Himself had drawn a line,
Through the banks of a living stream.

Then the juice of meditation,
Ran down to the roots red and ruddy;
For the tree had matured through application,
Just as a man's wisdom is the fruit of study.

Teenage Calamity

A young girl of seventeen,
Goes to a party one night;
She starts to check out the scene,
And everything looks alright.

Time passes by,
And she has a few drinks;
Then she starts to get high,
And her conscience mind sinks.

It's a teenage calamity,
Having a crisis of identity.

Peer pressure pressing,
Bon fire burning;
School is in session,
But no body learning.

There is no adult supervision,
The children act out what they see on television.

A boy of eighteen gets a spear,
Driven though his tongue;
He says he has no fear,
Got to live life while he's still young.

Tattoos on the backs,
Of all the young girls;
Satanic attacks,
On a fallen world.

It's a teenage calamity,
Having a crisis of identity.

The Crown

Are we living in the last days?
We certainly well may be…
If so we must now change our ways;
For this could be the last century.

And when the heavens are rolled up like a scroll,
And the Master of the vineyard returns;
What can man do to save his soul?
For the Lord seeks the heart that burns.

So let this mind be in you,
Which was also in Christ Jesus;
Doing that which God would have us do,
And not what suits and pleases us.

We all have a purpose and a calling,
To be God's temple and instruments;
But through procrastination and stalling,
We fall from grace in great increments.

In his mercy God delays His coming,
To give us a second chance;
Remember the evil one is cunning,
So we must rise and take our stance.

To get back up when you have fallen down,
Is a great lesson to mankind;
So keep striving for that golden crown,
For he who seeks will always find.

Thursday, July 1, 2021


How long can one man stand?
For his whole life is but a day;
Leaving footprints in the sand,
Only for the winds of time to blow away.

With olive oil in his lamp,
Hammer and chisel in his hand;
On the walls of life he makes his stamp,
Then his soul departs this land.

Paintings and pictures,
Letters and numbers;
As the artist slumbers,
His mind mixes the colors.

Pen and penknife,
Were the friends of Leonardo;
And though he had no wife,
Marble was married to Michelangelo.

To the poet ink and paper,
To the artist brush and canvas;
As the concept begins to taper,
Emotions are birthed from joy to sadness.

So keep writing writer,
And keep painting painter;
For sooner than later,
We will meet our maker.


Enduring the pain,
As He hung on the cross;
Despising the shame,
Though He did not count it for loss.

The rocks were rent,
The old saints did live;
Before the day was spent,
Body and blood did He give.

The Red Sea of Hades was parted,
An exodus of those in captivity;
The work the forerunner started,
Completed in Christ's divinity.

Appearing in a hidden form,
He walked with the ones He chose;
As quickly as He rebuked the storm,
His earthly ministry came to a close.

Promising them a gift,
As He ascended to His throne;
His gospel causing the world to shift,
His spirit never leaving us alone.

The faithful filled with power,
Glorifying God in a different tongue;
The opposite of Babel's tower,
All peoples becoming one.

The Fugitive

Without a spouse, Yet acquainted with sin; He burned down his house, Only to inherit the wind.   A friend of the devil, And an enemy of G...