Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Approaching Full Moon

I have strange dreams,
From time to time.
Don't know what they mean,
They just play with my mind.

I stood in silence,
In the crowded noisy street.
I shook the hand of her highness,
But I refused to kiss her feet.

I was a young fool in the morning,
Sitting all alone in the dark.
I'll endure the sea a roaring,
Until the day the waters part.

Now I've climbed to the mountain top,
And I've seen the promised land.
On this journey I have no time to stop,
As I plow the earth with my hand.

Now the sweat of my face,
Waters the bread that I eat.
I used to keep a fast pace,
Until my heart skipped a beat.

I flew up in the sky,
Then I came crashing down.
Still don't know why,
I didn't make any sound.

It was a thorn in my side,
That still bleeds today.
Got washed up in the tide,
Now there's a price to pay.

All my silver and gold,
It sank down in the deep.
Now my hands I fold,
As I lay me down to sleep.

All my black hairs,
Have turned to white.
But inside a spark flairs,
So I can see at night.

I stopped asking why,
A long time ago.
Impossible to cry,
After you've sunk so low.

Now I see the faintest glimmer,
Of the morning's glow.
Though I be a sinner,
Yet the Lord do I know.

My compass was broken,
But I remembered the way.
The words that were spoken,
Convinced me to stay.

Approaching full moon,
As I survey my life.
Never coming too soon,
As I shake off all strife.

Now I can rest,
As I have come home.
My broken heart is now blessed,
Nowhere else shall I roam.

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