Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Journey Well Maria

Journey well, Maria,
To your casa in the valley;
Hurry, sweet SeƱorita,
For there is no time to dilly-dally.

Walk quickly down the path,
The one you know so well;
Comforted with Moses’ staff,
To cast off the evil spell.

Keep walking my Dear Lady,
Walk swiftly through the trees;
For the forest grows dark and shady,
And whispers are carried in the breeze.

Be careful not to dash a foot,
On the rocks, the stones, and pebbles;
For evening falls as black as soot,
And out come the rogues and rebels.

Study Orion’s great constellation,
To guide you safely on the trail;
The moonlight is for you emancipation,
Your faith in God will never fail.

Lift up your head, O Maiden and Eastern gate,
Look up O Ancient and Holy Door;
Your prayers cleaning the sinner’s slate,
O Virgin Queen thou art blessed for evermore.

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