Wednesday, July 7, 2021


From the water he was drawn,
By the hand of Pharaoh's daughter;
As the Nile glittered in Egypt's dawn,
He was saved from the Hebrew slaughter.

Later skilled in all the Egyptian arts,
He grew mighty in word and deed;
Acquainted in numbers, letters and charts,
On knowledge his mind did feed.

A prince and heir to the throne,
Was his life and portion;
But when he became fully grown,
His eyes glanced at the land of Goshen.

Love for his brethren filled his days,
Then defying all human will and reason;
He chose to suffer with the slaves,
Than to enjoy the pleasure of sin for a season.

On his leadership depending,
He interceded for their very life;
While brother and sister contending,
Over Moses' Ethiopian wife.

He led God's people to their emancipation,
Then his holy life came to an end;
Never asking for a cross or consolation,
For Moses was the meekest of men.

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