Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Oh Strong Willed Son

Oh strong willed son,
How many steps have you taken?
How long ago you begun;
How sure you weren't mistaken.

You traveled down many a path,
And stopped at many homes along the way;
You tasted God's love and His wrath,
But for a time you were led astray.

Was it gold that you sought?
Was it a woman you desired?
All the battles that you fought,
Made your soul sick and tired.

Now twilight is dawning,
And the day is far spent;
You didn't answer your calling,
And now your heart is for rent.

Sleep now dear brother,
And your strength will return…
Take this advice from another,
And in time you will learn.

You see, God has a plan for you,
And this is for certain;
For there is plenty of work to do,
Before you reach your final curtain.

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