Thursday, July 1, 2021


Enduring the pain,
As He hung on the cross;
Despising the shame,
Though He did not count it for loss.

The rocks were rent,
The old saints did live;
Before the day was spent,
Body and blood did He give.

The Red Sea of Hades was parted,
An exodus of those in captivity;
The work the forerunner started,
Completed in Christ's divinity.

Appearing in a hidden form,
He walked with the ones He chose;
As quickly as He rebuked the storm,
His earthly ministry came to a close.

Promising them a gift,
As He ascended to His throne;
His gospel causing the world to shift,
His spirit never leaving us alone.

The faithful filled with power,
Glorifying God in a different tongue;
The opposite of Babel's tower,
All peoples becoming one.

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