Thursday, July 8, 2021

Souls in the Wind

This may sound redundant,
But why did the wind stop blowing?
The seeds were abundant,
But only a few were sowing.

No dew nor rain,
And the earth dried up;
Rich and poor felt the pain,
But there was an Everlasting Cup.

A church on the hill,
The haven for a little flock;
There they sought God's will,
And built their souls upon a rock.

The penitent walked in,
With their faces towards the ground;
Humbly they confessed their sin,
Then rejoiced over the love they found.

Many years passed by,
And many came in and out;
A young man gave a sigh,
As he saw what life is all about.

How did they ever find,
That monastery in the hills?
They would have if they were blind,
For the wind bloweth where it wills.

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