Thursday, July 15, 2021


The treasures of my mind,
Memories spanning years;
Walking the paths of time,
And collecting souvenirs.

A trail in the thicket,
And a road to the mountain;
A suitcase and a ticket,
And a wish tossed in the fountain.

The train whistle blew,
And quickly I ran aboard;
However, no one knew,
That all the while I sought the Lord.

Keeping the memory of His voice,
Stored securely in a jar;
For this I had no choice,
But to travel wide and far.

Farther down I lost direction,
But found guidance from an Elder;
He gave a heavenly reception,
And provided food and shelter.

Now its been many a season,
And the souvenirs stand to tell;
Of how a man drinks of reason,
From the depths of a living well.

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