Monday, July 12, 2021

The Dragon

A spirit of fiery flame,
Fell from a high level;
He would never be the same,
Thus Lucifer became the Devil.

After him many followed,
And in Heaven there was a fight;
They blasphemed what God had hallowed,
But darkness couldn't conquer light.

Descending down like lightning,
The devil and his legions;
What was pretty now is frightening,
What were angels now are demons.

The father of deception,
And a murderer from the start;
Bringing sin into conception,
And sowing tares in man's heart.

Just after Jesus' last meal,
Satan entered the heart of Judas;
History's repetition given a seal,
As Julius Caesar was betrayed by Brutus.

But in God's Kingdom there is no evil,
And in this we have no doubt;
The deliverance of God's people,
For the dragon has been cast out.

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