Thursday, July 8, 2021

The Poet Journeys

Through the people's misinterpretation,
The poet packed his bags;
He cashed in his inspiration,
And traded high society for rags.

Temptation and desire,
Made an appearance at his door;
So-called friends fueled the fire,
But he rejected Babylon's Whore.

Princes at the mill,
And cowards at the alter;
The greedy took their fill,
But the poet did not falter.

Trial after trial,
And sentence after sentence;
As a convict of guile,
The poet started his repentance.

Many heard his confession,
And quite a few were moved;
This gave him much concession,
And thus his faith was proved.

He made peace with all his enemies,
Though many still misunderstood;
But its been this way for centuries,
Thus the poet overcame evil with good.

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