Monday, July 12, 2021

The Spirit of the Age

The conspirators killed the King,
And fooled the people with lies;
No musician was able to sing,
And the jester was filled with sighs.

God's good people were moving,
While evil men were plotting;
The righteous' words were soothing,
While the wicked's flesh was rotting.

Young men gave their life,
Old women gave their pension;
The nation was given strife,
And families locked in detention.

Hypocrisy was in public view,
But things just stayed the same;
Evidence of the devil's crew,
For they had no remorse or shame.

Shedding our innocent's blood,
And choosing their best liar;
The first judgment was in a flood,
The second will be in fire.

The spirit of the age,
A perilous life we live;
To lock the Lion in a cage,
A sin we shall never forgive.

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