Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The Wild Boy

Many tried to tame the wild boy,
But he did not fall into their trap;
He was smart enough to spot the decoy,
And he could read the targets on the map.

A boss lady in the classroom,
And a principal with a paddle;
Detention became his doom,
Over a goodie-two shoes tattle.

Didn't they take stock,
And see he was in pain?
The line he had to walk,
Put his heart into a strain.

No one came to his defense,
And he had no attorney;
This made things more intense,
Walking alone upon his journey.

Word traveled fast,
"Watch out he makes trouble!"
In academia he was last;
But in wisdom he had double.

Much good came from his trial,
Something special and sublime;
For inflicting injustice to a child,
Causes an adult to be refined.

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