Monday, July 5, 2021


Remembering my early youth,
Bringing joy to my mind;
Like the day I lost my first tooth,
And when the bus left me behind.

Getting into fights,
Only to become best friends;
Staying up on summer nights,
Then our vacation ends.

Elementary school and Junior high,
Then on to college and careers;
How quickly the time does fly,
Laughing and shedding tears.

Climbing trees and kicking stones,
Building castles in the sand;
Eating candies and ice cream cones,
Oh how childhood is far from bland.

Playing games and running wild,
All a part of The Master’s plan;
The grace and innocence of a child,
Then the boy becomes a man.

Looking back on my younger days,
I can’t help but to reminisce;
Reflection shaping me in so many ways,
A time and place I will always miss.

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